How Barbie's Signature Pink Is a Symbol for Strength and Empowerment

How Barbie Is EMPOWERING Everyone

Love it or hate it, the color pink is everywhere.

And we have Barbie to thank for this newfound obsession with the vivacious hue. In Greta Gerwig's highly anticipated upcoming film of the same name, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, everything from the fantastical world of Barbie Land to the playful fashion and makeup moments are sprinkled with bright, bold shades of pink.

Off the screen, the phenomenon has fittingly been coined Barbiecore, where an explosion of pink looks have flooded TikTok and Instagram. Think: Magenta lipstick, bubblegum-colored manicures and rosy dresses on full display.

"At this point in history, what Barbie represents is somethin…